Anti – Bullying



“It’s sad but true that many young caregivers become the victims of bullying through lack of understanding, lack of empathy, intolerance and sometimes just sheer cruelty. Forgive me if I come across as being outraged by this, but it’s true  – I am.

Without young caregivers, countries would crumble!

They couldn’t afford the cost of funding the care these young people give, day in day out, selflessly and through such love and devotion.

It’s time that young caregivers were treated with the respect they deserve, and that includes in education. Schools should be teaching students about disability, and the impact it has on families – where children become young caregivers. With more understanding comes more compassion, tolerance and empathy.”




A young carer drew this, to show how the bullies have made her feel, and to let people know that “cruel words stick like glue!”

cruelword - Copy